Tech Topic: Informix for Beginners

Informix Tutorials – Getting Started with Informix

Informix Tutorials Webcast Replay - Getting Started with Informix by Lester Knutsen on Thursday, January 30, 2020, The Webcast is a step by step guide to installing and getting up and running a basic Informix Server. We will demonstrate using InformixHQ, the IBM Informix Knowledge Center, and how to find resources to get started with Informix.
Best Practices for Getting Started with Informix

This webcast will focus on best practices for Informix DBAs including:
* Informix Products Overview
* Informix Architecture – Memory, CPU, Disk Requirements
* Planning an Informix Install
* Installing Informix
* Software Directory Structure
* Using Informix SQL
* Informix Documentation
* Informix Resources on the Web

The basics of getting up and running with Informix (IoT)

This final webcast of the series will focus on installing and setting up Informix. Intended mainly for new adopters of the IBM Informix database product, Tom will demonstrate how this advanced and powerful database engine is simple to install and configure on just about any hardware.