We stay closely informed and involved

Advanced DataTools has been an active leader and deeply involved in the Informix community, maintaining close ties with IBM and with local and international user groups.

We participate in beta testing, lobby for features and bug fixes, and share technical know-how and information through user group presentations, articles in industry publications, offering conference labs and workshops, and frequent webcasts.

Informix user groups have been an integral part of our mission since the company was founded, and we continue to be dedicated to fostering the wider Informix community. We provide leadership, event support, and sponsorship to help these groups continue their mission, and have several staff members active on their boards. Lester Knutsen was the founder of the Washington Area Informix Users Group, and one of the founders of the International Informix Users Group.

"The webcasts provided by Advanced DataTools are an excellent source of Informix information, whether you are aiming for best industry practices or just curious about the topic.  I have encouraged my colleagues to check the site for “hidden-gem” information on Informix."

~George Diza, Database Administrator