Database Design Course

This 5-day course is for database administrators and application developers who will be responsible for designing and developing Informix databases. The participants will learn how to create and optimize Informix databases. The course includes sections on advanced SQL topics and how to use triggers and stored procedures.

Designing, Developing, and Optimizing IBM Informix Databases

(with Advanced SQL, Triggers, and Stored Procedures)

Database Schema Design

  • Informix OnLine data types
  • Calculating table and database sizes
  • Using the Informix system tables
  • Using data, referential, and entity integrity
  • Using referential constraints
  • Managing isolation levels and locking levels
  • Constraint transaction modes


  • Using update statistics and distribution schemas
  • Table fragmentation across multiple disk drives
  • Optimizing disk and database space layout
  • Optimizing performance with indexes
  • Optimizing client/server transactions
  • Using Parallel Database Query (PDQ)
  • Reading the query plan
  • Using Set Explain to optimize queries

Advanced Informix SQL

  • The SQL select statement
  • Filters, conditional expressions
  • Relationships - joins, outer joins, unions
  • Aggregates and other advanced features and functions
  • Data manipulation, concurrency, and definition commands

Embedded Informix SQL

  • Using SQL statements in programs
  • Using the SQLCA structure
  • Retrieving multiple rows with cursors
  • Developing programs with dynamic SQL
  • Executing SQL statements
  • Using record locking and concurrency

Stored Procedures

  • Creating stored procedures
    • Variables
    • Flow control
    • Error handling
  • Running stored procedures
  • Debugging stored procedures
  • Privileges and stored procedures


  • Creating triggers
  • Specifying trigger events
  • Creating trigger actions
  • Using stored procedures in triggers


Requires a basic understanding of Informix, UNIX commands, SQL databases, and prior experience with Informix SQL.

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