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This course is for Informix 4GL software developers, analysts, designers, and programmers who will be developing database applications. This is a four-day course covering the topics listed below. Each topic will be covered in a session with a lecture and a hands–on lab.

An Overview of Informix 4GL

  • Informix 4GL Tools
  • Components of I-4GL
  • Building a 4GL application
  • Compiling the application
  • R4GL - Rapid Development System
  • Difference between Compiled and Interpretive 4GL

Informix 4GL Programming Language

  • Procedural logic
  • Screen interaction statements
  • The MENU statement

4GL Utilities

  • Creating a help file
  • The mkmessage utility
  • Creating and using forms
  • Displaying forms
  • Opening windows to display forms

Informix 4GL Data Types

  • Character data types
  • Numeric data types
  • Date and Time data types
  • Other types

4GL Programming Concepts

  • Entering data
  • The INPUT statement
  • Using clauses with the INPUT statement
  • The INSERT statement

Event and Error Handling

  • The SQLCA record
  • Trapping errors WHENEVER statement
  • The DEFER INTERRUPT statement

Query Handling

  • SELECT statement review
  • Verifying data in I-4GL

Using Cursors

  • Overview of cursors
  • SQL Transactions
  • Using scroll cursors


  • The CONSTRUCT statement
  • Preparing the query

Deleting and Updating Rows

  • Row locking
  • FOR UPDATE cursors
  • Deleting rows
  • Updating rows

Optimizing Applications

  • PREPARE to optimize applications
  • Scroll cursors and stale data


  • Forms that use arrays
  • INPUT ARRAY statement
  • Displaying arrays
  • Pop-up windows


  • Creating a report driver
  • The REPORT function
  • Built-in formatting functions
  • Two reports from one SELECT

Debugging 4GL Programs

  • Using the Interactive Debugger
  • 4GL Trace files

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