Tech Topic: Onstat

Informix Tutorial – Informix Database Server Monitoring

How do you use the command-line utilities to manage and monitor an Informix Server? We will discuss onstat, oncheck, and the new InformixHQ to manage your server.
The Agenda includes:
  • Onstat – Discovery Options
  • Onstat – Performance Ratios
  • Onstat – User Sessions and Threads
  • Onstat – Measuring Disk IO
  • Onstat – Monitoring Locks
  • Other Onstat Options
  • Oncheck – Basic Dbspace Checks
  • Omode – How to terminate a Session
  • Using InformixHQ
Informix 14.10 Command Line Utilities Quick Reference Guide
I have updated our series of Informix Command Line Utilities Quick Reference Guides. Folks, you can download the Informix 14 Quick Reference Guide here. The Quick Reference Guide includes the following Informix commands: Oncheck Oninit Onmode Onparams Onspaces Onstat Ontape In 1995, after years of trying to find a manual to check the command line […]
Informix Best Practices – Using the Sysmaster database to perform an Informix Server Heath Check

This is the latest Webcast replay of Lester’s talk on Exploring the Sysmaster database. He presented cripts to monitor and tune your Informix Server and perform a system health check. Examples include how to tell what is the most expensive query running on your server now, what page size is best for your tables, what indexes are used and not used, how is memory used on your server, and much more…. These scripts will help you identify the performance bottlenecks on your Informix Server.

Best Practices for Getting Started with Informix

This webcast will focus on best practices for Informix DBAs including:
* Informix Products Overview
* Informix Architecture – Memory, CPU, Disk Requirements
* Planning an Informix Install
* Installing Informix
* Software Directory Structure
* Using Informix SQL
* Informix Documentation
* Informix Resources on the Web

Informix Performance Tuning

Art went through the steps one takes to determine the health of the server and start Informix Database Performance Tuning:

* Overall Performance
* IO Performance
* Tablespace Performance
* Memory Performance
* Virtual Processor Performance
* OS Performance
* Caches

Exploring the Informix OnLine Utilities
This post is the original article I wrote on Exploring the Infomrix Utilities that has been reprinted in many other places.   INFORMIX-OnLine DSA comes with a set of powerful command line utilities that enable you to monitor, tune, and configure your database server. This chapter will focus on eight of these utilities, and present […]
Informix Tech Notes article on Exploring the ONSTAT Utility
First published in the Informix Tech Notes Magazine in 1999 Provided with Informix Dynamic Server is a set of powerful command- line utilities that enable the monitoring, tuning, and configuring of the database server. This article focuses on one of these utilities, ONSTAT, and presents ways to use this utility for server performance optimization. ONSTAT […]
A Web/CGI Interface to the ONSTAT Utility
First published in the Washington Area Informix User Group Newsletter Volume 7, No. 2 - April 1997   This is one of the scripts I presented at the WAIUG Training Day. The purpose is to provide a web interface to the INFORMIX-OnLine ONSTAT Utility. There are two parts to this interface: the first is a […]