Informix 14.10 Command Line Utilities Quick Reference Guide

Published on January 4, 2020 by Lester Knutsen

I have updated our series of Informix Command Line Utilities Quick Reference Guides. Folks, you can download the Informix 14 Quick Reference Guide here.

The Quick Reference Guide includes the following Informix commands:

  • Oncheck
  • Oninit
  • Onmode
  • Onparams
  • Onspaces
  • Onstat
  • Ontape

In 1995, after years of trying to find a manual to check the command line syntax of a utility, or scribbling notes to myself on scraps of paper with the command line options of the Informix Dynamic Server utilities, I decided to make myself a quick reference guide. Several friends asked for copies, which resulted in the 5.x and then the 7.3x versions. The latest guide is based on Informix 14.10 and is meant to jog your memory. Some of the commands are very powerful, so please use them with care. I hope this helps!