Informix 4GL Course

Published on April 17, 2022 by Lester Knutsen

Informix 4GL for Developers FREE Trial Course – Ends August 1, 2022

Informix 4GL for Developers FREE Trail Online Course

This is a free Online Informix 4GL Training class that ended on August 1, 2022.

I was testing a new online training platform and would like your feedback on how this works for you.

Informix 4GL for Developers is for programmers developing and debugging Informix 4GL code. This free course is the first eight lessons of an entire 18-lesson class that I have been teaching. This course includes a new lab on improving the appearance of Informix 4GL programs using TERM and your terminal capabilities.

Course Features:

  • Self-paced online course
  • Online video instruction lectures and demos
  • Use your own server for the labs
  • Participate in Q&A and collaborative class online discussions
  • Developed by Lester Knutsen, IBM Informix Lifetime Champion, with over 40 years of Informix experience

Course Requirements for each student:

  1. Access to a server with Informix 4GL installed and working.
  2. A local directory to store and compile class files and Informix 4GL code.
  3. Access to the Informix 4GL demo files and the Stores7 databases – this is shown in Lab 1.
  4. Ability to create the class4gldb database and the four tables used in lab 4. Other tables will need to be created in this database in later labs. An Informix DBA may need to create the database and grant the student resource privilege.
  5. Understanding of Unix and Linux commands and the Vi Editor.

What is the course about?

Learning to program and debug Informix 4GL programs.

What will the student be able to do?

You will be able to compile and debug example programs, including a batch billing job, 4GL menus, uses data types, and improve the appearance of 4GL screens.

Course Outline – Informix 4GL for Developers  (FREE Trial course)

  • Introduction and Course Requirements
  • 1. Introduction to Informix 4GL
    • Lab 1: Getting Started with Informix 4GL
  • 2. Components of the Informix 4GL Programming Language
    • Lab 2: Creating your first Informix 4GL program
  • 3. Informix 4GL Data Types and Variables
    • Lab 3: Understanding Informix 4GL Variables and NULLS
  • 4. Informix 4GL Program Structure and Logic
    • Lab 4: Compile a batch billing Informix 4GL Program
  • 5. Building Informix 4GL Screen Displays
    • Lab 5: Building Informix 4GL Screen Displays
  • 6. Developing Informix 4GL Menu Statements
    • Lab 6: Developing Informix 4GL Menus
  • 7. Creating Informix 4GL Forms
    • Lab 7: Creating Interactive Informix 4GL Program – Part 1
  • 8. Working with Informix 4GL Forms and Windows
    • Lab 8: Informix 4GL TERM Testing and Settings