This is a replay of our Fastest Informix DBA Contest 2013 status update Webcast on August 20, 2013. This year the Fastest Informix DBA Contest will be held over the web so anyone, anywhere in the world can participate from July 9 to 31, 2013. The challenge will be a combination of OLTP and batch. The winner will be the DBA who can get the most transactions per minute in an OLTP benchmark and at the same time run a batch billing job and generate the most bills in a 10 minute run. For more information on the Fastest Informix DBA Contest click here!

Our Webcast to demo the Informix Warehouse Accelerator on February 28, 2012. We have been using the Informix Warehouse Accelerator for over a year and I am continually shocked at how fast it is. In one set of benchmarks it ran 9 hours of queries in 14 minutes. Mike Walker, Art Kagel, and I will demonstrate our current benchmarks with this exciting new database technology. We will demonstrate ad-hoc queries on a bookstore database with 250 million customers and over a billion records in the fact table.

This is a replay from our webcast reviewing the results of our Fastest Informix DBA Contest II, done online in the fall of 2009, discussing how the winners did it. Congratulations to Tatiana Saltykova, new 1st place finisher in the Fastest Informix DBA contest! The challenge was to take a batch billing SQL job that took over 40 hours to run and optimize it and the Informix database configuration.