Informix Performance Tune-Up and Health Check

At Advanced DataTools, our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals and make databases perform faster. Advanced DataTools was founded in 1993 by Lester Knutsen and continues to provide Informix Training and Informix Performance Tune-up services on a limited part-time basis for selected customers. We have over 40 years of experience with Informix products. Our team of professionals has completed hundreds of successful projects and included 6 IBM Champions, 2 IIUG Directors Award winners, and an IBM Gold Consultant.

Our performance tuning is a scientific examination of your database server to identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations on how to get the best results from your system. We begin by setting up scripts on your system to monitor and collect statistics from your server, the operating system, CPU, memory, and disk utilization. This will provide a complete Informix health check of your server.

We can also collect data on user sessions and the most resource-expensive SQL queries. After the data collection and analysis period, we make specific short- and long-term recommendations and work with you to establish a plan for improvements. We teach your staff our process, so they can continue to monitor your systems.

All Informix Database Performance Reviews are conducted remotely using WebEx or Zoom.

OPTION 1 - Premier Informix Performance Review and Tune-Up (Onsite or Remote)

A comprehensive Informix Performance Tune-Up and Health Check with at least one month of data collection, followed by a one-week consultation (onsite or remote online). The consultation includes an in-depth review of your server metrics to identify problems and provide recommendations.

Typical Deliverables:

  • Remote collection of monitoring data to identify performance bottlenecks
  • Staff training in the use of performance-monitoring scripts and overall database performance tuning
  • Report on database server stats identifying any bottlenecks and problems including:
    • CPU utilization of your server
    • Network bandwidth and activity
    • Disk layout and throughput
    • SQL activity and costs
    • Memory usage and optimization
  • Detailed report with recommendations to improve the performance of the Informix database server

Option 2 - Standard Remote Informix Performance Review and Tune-Up

A two-session Remote Informix Performance Review/Health Check. This service starts with a half-day WebEx session to collect data and review your configuration with your team. The data is then run through our performance analysis process. A second session is conducted with your staff to review the findings and provide recommendations.

Option 3 - Basic Remote Informix Performance Review

This service is a four-hour remote session to review your Informix Server setup, run a limited set of data collection scripts, and analyze the results. Recommendations are provided based on the data reviewed.


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