Informix TechTalk: Enhancing Informix 4GL with TERMCAP Settings by Lester Knutsen

Informix Tech Talk Replay Title: Informix TechTalk: Enhancing Informix 4GL with TERMCAP Settings by Lester Knutsen Replay from Thursday, September 29, 2022, 2:00 pm EDT Description: How to work with Informix 4GL Terminal and TERMCAP capabilities to improve the appearance of 4GL programs. Informix 4GL uses the Unix TERMCAP file to display colors, window line […]

Informix Tech Talks Replay: Informix Benchmarks on Cloud Systems - Updated! by Lester Knutsen This is a replay of the Informix Tech Talk on December 9, 2021. Description: This is an update to the presentation at the Informix 2021 Virtual Conference. - What is the Cloud? - Other Benchmarks, and Tools I Used - Case Study – Supporting Informix customers on the Cloud - Observations About Informix in the Cloud - Updated Benchmark Results - Updated Cost Benefit Review and Learnings - Updated Performance Tuning Recommendations on the Cloud

How do you use the command-line utilities to manage and monitor an Informix Server? We will discuss onstat, oncheck, and the new InformixHQ to manage your server.

How do you build databases and tables in Informix? We will discuss best practices for creating and managing databases and tables, partitioning, and database security. We will demonstrate object-oriented data types, using SQL to generate SQL Scripts and creating a Non-OS user for Informix database security.

How do you connect users and tools to an Informix Server from Windows, Unix, and the Web? We will discuss connections using Microsoft ODBC, Informix SDK, Java, PHP, DRDA, and other options. This is a Webcast reply from June 25, 2020.

How do you backup and restore an Informix Server? High Availability is crucial to a successful database. We will cover and demonstrate database backups, restores, and setting up High Availability Data Replication (HDR). This replay includes additional material on HDR setup and switching between Primary and Secondary Servers that is not covered in the original webcast.

Migrating and Upgrading to Informix 14 and Migrating to the cloud. The easy and the hard way.

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Migrating and Upgrading to Informix 14 or the cloud. The easy and the hard way.

There are several easy procedures to upgrade and migrate Informix. We will look at the easy way (in-place upgrades, dbexport, cdr migrate, backup/restore), but sometimes they may not work for you, and you need to create a custom process. We will go over a set of procedures and scripts using HPL, external tables, and parallel unloads/loads that I have used over the last few years to migrate from small systems up through terabyte-sized databases to VMs, new hardware, and the cloud.

Exploring the Sysmaster Database – My New Scripts from the IIUG World 2019 Conference

These are my latest Sysmaster Scripts from my presentation at the Informix IIUG World Conference in 2019. Download presentation PDF:…/Sysmaster_IIUG_Conf_2019_A12_LesterKnutse.pdf Download New Sysmaster 2019 Scripts (zip file):…s/ Download Past Sysmaster 2017 Scripts (zip file):…s/

Running Informix in a Monster Virtual Machine

Running Informix in a Monster Virtual Machine Lester Knutsen presented at the IIUG Informix Conference April 23-27, 2018 in Raleigh, NC.

A monster virtual machine is a VM with lots of memory, CPUs and disks. I have been dealing with many Informix database servers running in a virtual environment and will share some of the problems and solutions for Informix to work well in VM. We will talk about everything from a VM on my laptop to a VM with more than 256 GB of memory and more than 96 Virtual CPUs.