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Over the next several years, online access will be available to more than 2.3 million producers.

USDA - Farm Service Agency Launches Financial Inquiry System

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently launched the FSA Financial Inquiry Web Site, developed by Advanced DataTools working closely with FSA developers, which will completely change the way farmers and farm producers keep track of the status of their financial loans.

The goal of this highly visible project was to enable FSA customers to easily manage their current and historical financial information related to FSA programs, and the project has now been nominated for the FSA Administrator's Award.

Benefits of FSA's Financial Inquiries site include:

  • Availability: Financial information is now accessible online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Improved customer service and convenience: Customers can access their financial information from home or office - it is no longer necessary to travel to a USDA Service Center or call with a question and wait for someone to get back to them. This also frees up USDA personnel to assist customers with other needs.

Authorized customers may view summary and detailed information about specific payments received, collections paid, outstanding debt (excluding loans), and information reported on the Commodity credit Corporation (CCC) Form 1099G. The information is only available to registered, eAuthentication users, who can only access information on their own accounts.

The website offers the following information, and has links to more detailed information:

  • Payments: Summery and detailed financial information on payments made by FSA to customers.
  • Collections: Summary and detailed information on collections received from customers and/or on their behalf, including what program the collection was for and the amount of the collection.
  • Debt: Outstanding principal owed by customers (except loan activity).
  • CCC Form 1099G: Summary and detailed information on amounts reported to the IRS, which can be used to reconcile the CCC Form 1099G. Current year amounts are also available.

The FSA Financial Inquiries Web Site obtains data from the FSA Financial Data Warehouse and the CCC Data Warehouse, both developed by Advanced DataTools, and works in conjunction with the new myUSDA web portal and Customer Statement online summary. The Financial Inquiries site will serve potentially 2 million farmers and farm producers.

Advanced DataTools Corporation has been providing development and support assistance to Farm Service Agency in the development of the Financial Inquiry System.