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“This allows us to integrate financial and performance data from our GPRA systems and display them on a map.”

- Lester Knutsen, President of Advanced DataTools

Advanced DataTools Announces Partnership with ESRI

WASHINGTON D.C., May 20, 2003 - Advanced DataTools Corporation, a woman-owned small business and leading provider of web-enabled database and data warehouse solutions, announced today its partnership with ESRI, an internationally renowned provider of GIS and Mapping Software. This partnership will enable Advanced DataTools to add another dimension to their GPRA Solutions, a geographical display of what used to be simply text and numbers data.

“I’m really excited about our ESRI partnership,” says Lester Knutsen, President and Principal Consultant for Advanced DataTools. “This allows us to integrate financial and performance data from our GPRA systems and display them on a map.” Knutsen, a prominent member of the IBM Informix community, began using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in his database solutions in 2002, and hopes to roll out the enhanced service to their entire line of government and commercial customers.

Advanced DataTools hopes to use the new partnership with ESRI to broaden the possibilities of data reporting in their integrated financial and performance reporting system, Apollo. Apollo can enable government agencies to comply with the GPRA and the Budget and Performance Initiative of the President’s Management Agenda, and save millions of dollars and thousands of staff hours. Agencies can choose to implement a GIS component, which uses maps to enable users to drill into the smallest geographic component stored in the system (county, congressional district, street, etc.). This would enable decision makers to very rapidly identify and focus on locations with costs well inside or outside planned costs, and can drill into the detail to view a wide range of data (i.e. census, payroll, fees, permits, crops, grants). A recent demo of the solution for __ took their disaster payment records and plotted them on a map, bringing a whole new perspective to analyzing their disaster programs. In another demo of the solution, Advanced DataTools put an agency’s expenditures and revenues in a GIS display. Government GIS Spatialists commented afterwards that they’d never received as much upper management attention for GIS before they put dollars on a map.

In addition to Apollo, Advanced DataTools offers a complete lineup of database consulting solutions that can be enhanced with GIS, thanks to the ESRI partnership. Advanced DataTools services include team-driven database design, Brio, Informix, and QIQ consulting, and both public and customized training. Advanced DataTools' skill and experience in database design enables government agencies to leverage funds and resources and better track expenditures and performance on a daily basis, rather than waiting 3 to 6 months for outdated reports. Advanced DataTools builds integrated and web-enabled financial and performance reporting data warehouse solutions, as well as front-end applications like the GIS mapping of data, and provides extensive training to support their products of choice.

Advanced DataTools's services are currently employed by various government agencies including the US Forest Service, the USDA Farm Service Agency and Rural Development, the Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management, and the Social Security Administration.

About ESRI

ESRI was founded as Environmental Systems Research Institute in 1969 as a privately held consulting firm that specialized in land use analysis projects. ESRI evolved from a small consulting firm to the largest research and development organization dedicated to GIS by focusing on its user community. The relationship between ESRI and its users is synergistic. Over the years a unique culture has evolved, a culture that is user-focused and which emphasizes a team-based approach.

Today, ESRI GIS products are poised for ever-greater growth. Innovations in computer technology allow sophisticated GIS operations to be performed in the field on a personal digital assistant (PDA), on desktops, and throughout the enterprise. Faster and cheaper computers, network processing, electronic data publishing, and easier-to-use tools are fueling rapid growth in the desktop arena. Private businesses are adopting GIS technology as a decision support tool. And with the introduction of live mapping applications to the Web, anyone with a computer has access to the benefits of GIS technology.

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