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With the automated processes in place, accounts are reconciled daily between offices, banks, and Treasury.

Update - BLM's Collection and Billing System Hits $1 Billion

The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Collection and Billing System (CBS), which was developed by Advanced DataTools in October 1999, hit an important milestone on September 1, 2004, when it reached the $1 billion mark in deposits for FY2004. The number of users has grown steadily, and the $1 billion mark was hit again in the first quarter of FY2005. This amount is representative of over 500,000 transactions in FY 2005 for hundreds of products and services using an easy to use system that is secure, auditable and accountable.

CBS was developed to create a single system that was easy for the customer (BLM field office personnel) to use, eliminate the many labor intensive manuals processes, standardize the business processes throughout the bureau, and provide BLM managers and staff with accurate and timely information.

During the 6 years CBS has been in production, it has helped the BLM obtain clean audit opinions by providing accountability of funds, security of information, and auditability of all transactions. CBS has been so successful that the BLM plans to keep CBS when they move to their new enterprise financial system in 2005.

CBS is accessed over BLM's intranet by more than 300 field and state offices with an average of 1,000 concurrent users, and is used to perform a variety of functions including sales, refunds, transfers (both internal to BLM and transfers to other Federal agencies), reconciliations, deposits, billing, and reports. It also provides a mechanism by which data can be entered by field users and transferred to the Federal Financial System or other resources systems without additional manual intervention. CBS was designed with data warehouse capabilities, which enable all BLM employees to view the latest data available to make informed and timely decisions.

The interfaces that have been added to CBS expand the system's life and the usefulness of the data entered into the system, and frees up staff resources and enables them to focus on additional tasks. Current interfaces to CBS include:

  • Federal Financial System (FFS)
  • BLM's General Land Office (GLO)
  • Legacy Rehost System 2000 (LR2000)
  • Lower Deschutes River Permitting System (LDRPS)
  • Alaska Land Information System (LIS)
  • Recreation Management Information System (RMIS)
  • National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
  • Arizona Aravipa Recreation System
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Range Authorization System (RAS)

Additional information on the Bureau of Land Management's Collection and Billing System can be found at here.

Advanced DataTools Corporation has been providing development and support assistance to BLM in the development of the Collections and Billing System.