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Published on December 29, 2021 by Lester Knutsen

Informix 4GL Resources for Developers

I taught an Informix 4GL for Developers course this month. I had fun doing that class and working with this superb language. I pulled together this list of 4GL Resources for the course based on articles I have written in the past.

Informix 4GL to Genero – Bring your code into the future

In this Webcast, I take a 4GL program written in 1993 and convert it to a modern application that can run on Windows, Mac, iPad, Mobile, or on the Web using 4JS Genero.

Informix 4GL Programming Tips

My top list of 4GL performance improvement tips:

Informix 4GL Application Error Logging

An example error logging function for 4GL programs.

ANSI Terminal Emulation and Informix 4GL Terminal Capabilities

Informix 4GL uses the termcap file to display features on a screen. This article is about setting up and testing a termcap file.

Error Handling Functions in Informix Programs

A discussion on error handling in Informix 4GL programs

Informix 4GL Reference Manuals from IBM

The following are links to the Informix 4GL Reference Manuals from IBM. Please note that the links may change at any time.

IBM Informix 4GL Concepts and Use 7.31 –
IBM Informix 4GL Reference Manual 7.32 –
IBM Informix 4GL By Example 7.3 –
Guide to the IBM Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger 7.3 –

These documents are available in PDF format at:

My Library of 4GL Books

Informix 4GL Books