Exploring the Sysmaster Database – My New Scripts from the IIUG World 2019 Conference

These are my latest Sysmaster Scripts from my presentation at the Informix IIUG World Conference in 2019. Download presentation PDF: advancedatatools.com/…/Sysmaster_IIUG_Conf_2019_A12_LesterKnutse.pdf Download New Sysmaster 2019 Scripts (zip file): advancedatatools.com/…s/sysmaster2019.zip Download Past Sysmaster 2017 Scripts (zip file): advancedatatools.com/…s/sysmaster2017.zip

This is the latest Webcast replay of Lester's talk on Exploring the Sysmaster database. He presented cripts to monitor and tune your Informix Server and perform a system health check. Examples include how to tell what is the most expensive query running on your server now, what page size is best for your tables, what indexes are used and not used, how is memory used on your server, and much more.... These scripts will help you identify the performance bottlenecks on your Informix Server.

Lester again presented new scripts to monitor and tune your Informix Database server using the Sysmaster and Sysadmin Databases. This is major update to his most popular talk at the International Informix User Group (IIUG) conferences over many years - "Exploring the Sysmaster Database".

Lester presented new scripts for monitoring and tuning your Informix Database server using the Sysmaster and Sysadmin Database. This is an update of Lester's most popular talk at Informix user conferences over the past several years, "Exploring the Sysmaster Database", and will show what is new in Informix 12.10.

Exploring the Sysmaster Database

This post is the original article I wrote on Exploring the Sysmaster Database and has been reprinted in the Informix TechNotes, the Informix DBA Survival Guide, Second Edition by Joe Lumbley, the Informix Handbook by Ron Flannery, and many other places.   Open the orginal PDF of this article: https://www.advancedatatools.com/Downloads/Symaster_articule.pdf When you list all the […]