Informix by default uses the Operating System (OS) to manage users. In this video, Lester Knutsen will demonstrate how to create a Non-OS Informix User that can access Informix databases without having an OS login. This is the first in a series of videos on Informix TechTalks by the IIUG. For more information on the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) please visit

How do you build databases and tables in Informix? We will discuss best practices for creating and managing databases and tables, partitioning, and database security. We will demonstrate object-oriented data types, using SQL to generate SQL Scripts and creating a Non-OS user for Informix database security.

End to end security is becoming more critical every day. In this webcast, we will demonstrate step by step how to set up basic SSL encryption for the Informix engine and how to configure ODBC clients for Windows and Linux to make sure all of your data is secured in transit.

Do you have an Informix database and need to encrypt columns with privacy information? Do you have time to change all of your production applications to implement encryption? Have you had a security or FISMA/DISA audit? Lester Knutsen will present how we have converted existing Informix databases to add column level encryption with minimal impact to your existing applications. He will demonstrate how to take an Informix database and change it to use encrypted columns with little impact to your front end applications using triggers, functions and Informix encryption. Lester will also discuss simplifying access using roles to grant and revoke privileges.