Informix TechTalk: Informix Sysmaster Database Queries for monitoring and performance tuning

Replay Informix TechTalk: Informix Sysmaster Database Queries for monitoring and performance tuning by Lester Knutsen From: Thursday, February 2, 2023, 2:00 pm EST Download my latest Sysmaster Scripts for this presentation – YouTube Replays: Download Slides: Informix-SYSMASTER-2023-LesterKnutsen.pdf Description: Lester Knutsen will present his favorite Informix Sysmaster Scripts for monitoring and performance tuning tips. This […]

Advanced DataTools Newsletter – October 2020

1. Are you planning to upgrade to Informix 14.10?  Attend our Informix for Database Administrators Training Course. We have the Informix 14.10 training for you. Lester Knutsen will be teaching our next Informix DBA Class, Informix for Database Administrators updated for Informix version 14.10, on October 5-8, 2020. There is only one space left! More […]

The second part of this webcast will further examine the Informix utilities which can be used to migrate data to a new system, and how to combine different utilities to speed up migrations and minimize downtime.

Loading and Unloading With Informix – FAQ, by Jack Parker

  Loading and Unloading with Informix   Note, for simplicity these facilities will herein be referred to as ‘loaders’. This is not meant to be a definitive document defining everything there is to know about the subject. This is meant to be a starting point on your road to understanding this topic and a roadmap […]

This presentedesentation will demonstrate how to take advantage of the automatic Range Interval Partitioning and Rolling Windows to fragment your huge Informix tables. Automatically adding new partitions and fragments by interval can replace elaborate fragmentation schemes easily. The feature includes the ability to automatically drop partitions of old data reducing the need to purge old data.

This session will cover comparing similar data types. A review of normalization. Implementing difficult relationships.

This is a continuation of an earlier Webcast on Informix Configuration, ONCONFIG, CPUs, and Memory.

This webcast will focus on best practices for Informix DBAs including why Not to use RAID5.

This webcast will focus on best practices for Informix DBAs including: * Informix Products Overview * Informix Architecture - Memory, CPU, Disk Requirements * Planning an Informix Install * Installing Informix * Software Directory Structure * Using Informix SQL * Informix Documentation * Informix Resources on the Web

This is a replay of Art Kagel's Webcast on October 20, 2015 on Informix Storage and the impact of RAID levels, why not to use RAID 5 and what RAID levels work best with modern databases.

This final webcast of the series will focus on installing and setting up Informix. Intended mainly for new adopters of the IBM Informix database product, Tom will demonstrate how this advanced and powerful database engine is simple to install and configure on just about any hardware.

This webcast will explore some of the ARM-based computers that are available, and describe why ARM is such a good fit for an IoT solution. Tom will show how simple it is to install a full version of the IBM Informix database server on a low-power, affordable ARM-based Linux computer, and why the power and simplicity of Informix makes it ideal for an embedded IoT gateway.

This webcast will describe Informix TimeSeries, why it is such a good fit for an IoT solution, and show how it can be used to efficiently store sensor data. Examples of querying TimeSeries data will be shown and then displayed on a web page served from a Beaglebone ARM computer. The sensor data will be pushed out to a cloud, and an example will be shown using APIs to retrieve the data and display it.

Lester again presented new scripts to monitor and tune your Informix Database server using the Sysmaster and Sysadmin Databases. This is major update to his most popular talk at the International Informix User Group (IIUG) conferences over many years - "Exploring the Sysmaster Database".

Do you have an Informix database and need to encrypt columns with privacy information? Do you have time to change all of your production applications to implement encryption? Have you had a security or FISMA/DISA audit? Lester Knutsen will present how we have converted existing Informix databases to add column level encryption with minimal impact to your existing applications. He will demonstrate how to take an Informix database and change it to use encrypted columns with little impact to your front end applications using triggers, functions and Informix encryption. Lester will also discuss simplifying access using roles to grant and revoke privileges.

The Open Admin Tool (OAT) is one of the most exciting and least talked about new features for Informix in the past few years. It is an open platform to manage your Informix instances through a convenient web interface. In this talk we will be breaking down how to get up and running with OAT and covering many of the basic tasks you can perform in it. Since version 11 was released many people have migrated up to it, however most of them have either not gotten OAT up at all or looked at it briefly and put it back down. Listen to the webcast and we will tell you why you want to go to the latest release of OAT and why you should be using it every day. Some of the highlights: *Get step by step instructions to getting it running on a variety of operating systems *Learn about monitoring replicated environments using your web browser *See different ways to get very easy to read visual guides to the health of your database *Learn how to safely give your Jr DBA the ability to add new space without having to worry every time he does *See how to browse your database without needing to use dbaccess or SQL *Find out how to easily get reports that you can give to management showing how much Informix is racing along

Art presents UPDATE STATISTICS in depth, dostats, and his other free utilities for monitoring and tuning an Informix database in his utils2_ak package. Topics covered will include: *Table Level statistics and data distributions *Fragment Level statistics and data distributions *Update statistics for procedure/function *Providing data distributions for User Defined Types *Dostats and the art of balancing distribution quality with runtime performance *Other useful utilities in the utils2_ak package

This Webcast will demo and benchmark the Informix Warehouse Accelerator 12.10. Last year we showed it running 9 hours of queries in 14 minutes. Mike Walker will demonstrate our current benchmarks with this exciting new database technology. He will demonstrate ad-hoc queries on a bookstore database with 250 million customers and over a billion records in the fact table.

Lester Knutsen and Mike Walker will present a series of tools to monitor and tune your Informix Database Server. *Using SQL Trace to monitor user sessions *Tips for Remote DBA monitoring * Building a Monitoring Dashboard with Yellowfin BI

Lester presented new scripts for monitoring and tuning your Informix Database server using the Sysmaster and Sysadmin Database. This is an update of Lester's most popular talk at Informix user conferences over the past several years, "Exploring the Sysmaster Database", and will show what is new in Informix 12.10.

Art went through the steps one takes to determine the health of the server and start Informix Database Performance Tuning: * Overall Performance * IO Performance * Tablespace Performance * Memory Performance * Virtual Processor Performance * OS Performance * Caches

On Jun 19, 2012, we held a webcast with the Fastest Informix DBA Winner Andrew Ford, hosted by Lester Knutsen and Art Kagel, to share with other Informix users how the winners achieved their results. Learn about the tips and tricks the real Fastest Informix DBAs used to achieve their remarkable performance.

This is a replay from our webcast reviewing the results of our Fastest Informix DBA Contest II, done online in the fall of 2009, discussing how the winners did it. Congratulations to Tatiana Saltykova, new 1st place finisher in the Fastest Informix DBA contest! The challenge was to take a batch billing SQL job that took over 40 hours to run and optimize it and the Informix database configuration.