Informix Online 5.X TB Utilities Quick Reference Guide

Published on May 1, 1995 by Lester Knutsen

First published in the Washington Area Informix User Group Newsletter
Volume 5, No. 2 - May 1995


Usage:  tbcheck [-clist] [-plist] [-qny]
                [ { database[:[owner.]table] | TBLSpace number | Chunk number}
                  { rowid | page number } ]
-c      - check
    r   - reserved pages
    e   - TBLSpace extents and chunk extents
    c   - database catalogs
    i   - table indexes
    I   - table indexes and rowids in index
    d   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps
    D   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps, remainder pages and blobs
-p      - print
    r   - reserved pages (-cr)
    e   - extents report (-ce)
    c   - catalog report (-cc)
    k   - keys in index (-ci)
    K   - keys and rowids in index (-cI)
    l   - leaf node keys only (-ci)
    L   - leaf node keys and rowids (-cI)
    d   - TBLSpace data rows (-cd)
    D   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps, remainder pages and blobs(-cD)
    t   - TBLSpace report
    T   - TBLSpace disk utilization report
    p   - dump page for the given [table and rowid | TBLSpace and page number]
    P   - dump page for the given chunk number and page number
    B   - BLOBSpace utilization for given table(s) [database:[owner.]]table
-q      - quiet mode - print only error messages
-n      - answer NO to all questions
-y      - answer YES to all questions

Usage:  tbinit [-i] [-p] [-s] [-y]
   -i   disk space initialization
   -p   do not delete temp tables during shared memory initialization
   -s   stay in quiescent mode
   -y   answer YES to all prompts

Usage: tbload [-l] [-m] [-t <tape device>] [-b <block size>] [-s <tape size>]
   [-d <dbspace>] <database>[:[<owner>.]<table>]
   [{-i <old index name> <new index name>}]

Usage:  tblog [-l] [-q] [-b] [-d <tape device>] [-n <log file number>]
     [-u <user name>] [-t <tblspace number>] [-x <transaction number>]
   -l   display maximum information about each log record
   -q   do not display program header
   -b   display information about logged BLOB pages (-d option only)
   -d   read from tape device
   -n   display the specified log(s)
   -u   display the specified user(s)
   -t   display the specified tblspace(s)
   -x   display the specified transaction(s)

Usage: tbmirror  -a -d spacename -p pathname -o offset  -mp mirror-path -mo mirror-offset  
   -r -d spacename 
   -l -d spacename  
   -m -d spacename -p pathname -o offset 

Usage:  tbmode -csmkunrz
   -c         do checkpoint
   -s         shutdown to single user
   -m         go to multi-user on-line
   -k         shutdown completely
   -u         shutdown and kill all attached processes
   -n         set shared memory non-resident
   -r         set shared memory resident
   -z pid     kill specified process id
   -Z address heuristically complete specified transaction
   -l         force to next logical log
   -y         do not require confirmation

Usage:  tbparams  { -a -d dbspace | -d -l logid [-y] |
                    -p -s size [-d dbspace] [-y] }
    -a  - add a logical log
    -d  - drop a logical log
    -p  - change physical log size and location

Usage:  tbspaces  { -a spacename -p pathname -o offset -s size [-m path offset]  |
             -c {-d dbspace | -b blobspace -g pagesize}
                     -p pathname -o offset -s size [-m path offset] |
             -d spacename [-y] |
             -s spacename -p pathname -o offset {-O | -D} [-y] }
    -a - add a chunk to a dbspace or blobspace
    -c - create a dbspace or blobspace
    -d - drop a dbspace or blobspace
    -s - change the status of a chunk

Usage:  tbstat [-abcdklmpstuzBDFPRX] [-r seconds] [-o file] [infile]
    -a     print all info (options: bcdklmpstu)
    -b     print buffers
    -c     print configuration file
    -d     print dbspaces and chunks
    -k     print locks
    -l     print logging
    -m     print message log
    -p     print profile
    -s     print latches
    -t     print tblspaces
    -u     print users
    -z     zero profile counts
    -B     print all buffers
    -D     print dbspaces and detailed chunk stats
    -F     print page flushers
    -P     print profile, including BIGreads
    -R     print LRU queues
    -X     print entire list of sharers and waiters for buffers
    -r     repeat options every n seconds (default: 5)
    -o     put shared memory into specified file (default: tbstat.out)
    infile use infile to obtain shared memory information
     -C     print security session configuration.

Usage:  tbtape { [-s] | [-c] | [-a] | [-r] |
                  [-N database ...] [-U database ...] [-B database ...] }
     -s   Archive all dbspaces/BLOBSpaces.
     -c   Continuous backup of logical logs.
     -a   Automatic backup of logical logs.
     -r   Restore entire INFORMIX-OnLine/Secure sytem.
     -N   Set the following database(s) to no logging.
     -U   Set the following database(s) to unbuffered logging.
     -B   Set the following database(s) to buffered logging.
          Turning on logging for a database must be combined with -s option.

Usage: tbunload [-l] [-t <tape device>] [-b <block size>] [-s <tape size>] <database>[:[<owner>.]<table>]