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Users sharing information makes everyone's work more successful.

The Washington Area Informix User Group is the largest Informix user group in the world. It was started by Lester Knutsen, who has served as president for most of its ten-year existence. The WAIUG serves IBM Informix users in the Washington metropolitan area through regular meetings, forums, training days, regular newsletters, and internet resources. Go to the WAIUG website.

The International Informix User Group is dedicated to promoting the growth of Informix User Groups worldwide and to provide a channel through which the international Informix community can share information, news, and support. Lester Knutsen was a founding board member, and Advanced DataTools hosts the IIUG web server. Go to the IIUG website.


Washington Area Hyperion (Brio) Users Group

The Washington Area Hyperion (Brio) Users Group is committed to the support and sharing of information among local Hyperion Intelligence and former Brio users in the mid-Atlantic region. Lester Knutsen was the founder of the original Brio Mid-Atlantic User Group and Advanced DataTools hosts their website. Go to the Hyperion (Brio) User Group