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An in-depth course on how to set up, manage, and tune Informix database servers.

Informix for Database Administrators

This course is for experienced database administrators, programmers, and technical support personnel who will be setting up, managing, and tuning Informix 12, 11, 10, 9 or 7 databases. This is a four-day course covering the topics listed below.

Informix Server Configuration

  • Understanding the Informix Server architecture
  • Configuring and initializing Informix
  • Configuring disk space for databases
  • Configuring shared memory parameters
  • Configuring virtual CPUs
  • Configuring network and client/server connections to databases
  • Changing Informix operating modes
  • Configuring multiple database servers

Informix Server Operations

  • Monitoring and operating Informix
  • Backing up Informix databases
  • Recovering Informix databases
  • Managing concurrence control
  • Managing transaction logs
  • Managing fault tolerance systems
  • Using the Informix utilities
  • Using the System Monitoring Interface (sysmaster database)
  • Using data load utilities

Informix Server Optimization

  • Analyzing Informix performance and system activity
  • Using the graphical monitoring tools
  • Understanding the query optimizer
  • Optimizing performance with indexes
  • Optimizing disk and database space layout
  • Managing memory and CPU resources

Database Development

  • Creating tables, indexes, and databases
  • Calculating table and database sizes
  • Implementing referential integrity
  • Controlling data security
  • Using the Informix system tables


Requires a basic understanding of UNIX and vi commands and SQL databases.

Costs: $2,000 per person

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