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The foundation of a successful data warehouse is a working pilot - we can build one for your organization in just 8 weeks.


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We Build FAST Data Warehouses

Lester Knutsen

The webcasts are presented by Lester Knutsen, President of Advanced DataTools Corporation. We have been building large Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Systems using IBM Informix Database software for over 20 years. Lester is a member of the IBM Gold Consultant program and in October 2008 was awarded one of the Inaugural Data Champion awards by IBM.

The following Webcast Replays are from on our YouTube Channel at:

Informix Warehouse Accelerator Demo

Our Webcast to demo the Informix Warehouse Accelerator on February 28th, 2012. We have been using the Informix Warehouse Accelerator for over a year and I am continually shocked at how fast it is. In one set of benchmarks it ran 9 hours of queries in 14 minutes. Mike Walker, Art Kagel, and I will demonstrate our current benchmarks with this exciting new database technology. We will demonstrate ad-hoc queries on a bookstore database with 250 million customers and over a billion records in the fact table.



Building an DataWarehouse Series

1 - Rapid Data Warehouse Development - Build a Pilot in 8 weeks!



2- Fast Data Warehouse Schemas - Deploying a Star Schema


3- Successfully Transform and Load Your DataWarehouse - Using the Informix Data Warehouse Feature


4- Key to Enterprise Data Warehouse Development - Data Marts are Building Blocks to the Enterprise


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