Running Informix in a Monster Virtual Machine

Running Informix in a Monster Virtual Machine Lester Knutsen presented at the IIUG Informix Conference April 23-27, 2018 in Raleigh, NC.

A monster virtual machine is a VM with lots of memory, CPUs and disks. I have been dealing with many Informix database servers running in a virtual environment and will share some of the problems and solutions for Informix to work well in VM. We will talk about everything from a VM on my laptop to a VM with more than 256 GB of memory and more than 96 Virtual CPUs.

Informix 4GL Programming Tips

First published in the Washington Area Informix User Group Newsletter Volume 4, No. 3 – July 1994 1. Only select columns that you really need When you select data, it goes from disk to memory.  Ten un-needed bytes of data from 10,00 rows translates into reading 100,000 bytes unnecessarily.  Avoid “SELECT *” statements and only […]