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SQL for developers, analysts, designers, and programmers.

SQL for Developers

This course is for software developers, analysts, designers, and programmers who will be developing database applications. This is a three-day course covering the topics listed below.

Database Development

  • Creating tables, indexes, and databases
  • Implementing referential integrity
  • Controlling data security

SQL Basics

  • Selecting data from a database
  • Specifying records using operators, pattern matching
  • Summarizing records using the "group by" clause
  • Selecting rows from multiple tables
  • Processing NULL values
  • Using outer joins and subqueries
  • Inserting new records
  • Updating and deleting selected data

Embedding SQL

  • Using SQL statements in programs
  • Using the SQLCA structure
  • Retrieving multiple rows with cursors
  • Developing programs with dynamic SQL
  • Executing SQL statements
  • Using record locking and concurrency

SQL Query Optimizer

  • Reading the query plan
  • Improving queries

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