Washington Area Informix Users Group Newsletter

Volume 5, No. 2 - May 1995

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Informix Online 5.X TB Utilities Quick Reference Guide

Next Meeting - Implementing Informix Network Solutions

Our Next meeting will feature a panel of developers who have installed Informix I-Net and I-Star and implemented client server solutions. Each developer will discuss their experience, how they installed the products, and trouble shooting tips. If you have any questions about how to work with I-Star and I-Net, this is your chance to get answers. We have people who will discuss accessing databases from PCs, database server-to-server wide area networks, and various client server configurations. If you have questions or would like to share your experience please call Lester Knutsen at 703-256-0267.

Date and Time: June 20th, 1995 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Location: Informix Software Corporation

8065 Leesburg Pike, Suite 600, Vienna, VA 22182

Phone: 703-847-2900

NOTE: This is the New Federal Division Offices across from Tysons Corner Mall

Registration Fee Discounts for User Group Members

for the Informix Worldwide User Conference

Informix is offering discounts to user group members on registration fees for the Informix Worldwide User Conference being held this July in San Jose, California. To qualify you must be a current member of a user group. If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, we suggest that you not delay. The following is the announcement from Informix:

"The Informix Worldwide User Conference and Exposition will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California from July 17-20, 1995. The conference offers a unique opportunity to meet with Informix, and our customers, partners, and professional colleagues. Our goal is to share as much information as you want and need about our products, programs, services, and strategic direction. The following are some special offers we are extending to User Group members:

Discounted conference pricing at $495.00 for Conference-only registration and $595.00 for Conference and Tutorial registration (a value worth $1090.00). And as a bonus for attending, you will receive a free copy of INFORMIX-NewEra ViewPoint Pro for Windows (a $1,000.00 value).

A special track session will be offered highlighting Informix User Groups and their future plans.

A private reception for User Group Members.

An Informix User Group booth will be set up in the Exhibit Hall to promote User Groups around the world.

"If you have an interest in information systems for client/server, relational database technology, and/or Informix products and services, the conference is sure to be a wise investment of your time. You can register by calling 1-800-926-EXPO, or via the World Wide Web address http://www.informix.com/."

Annual Special Edition of Newsletter

We will be producing a special edition of our newsletter for the Informix Worldwide User Conference in July. Last year 2,000 copies of a special 24 page edition were distributed to our local members, Worldwide Conference attendees, and new members as they joined the user group. This year we are planning a bigger issue. We have some exciting new articles planned. If you would be interested in contributing an article, please contact Lester Knutsen as space is limited.

Sponsors for the Newsletter Special Edition

We already have three companies committed to sponsoring the Special Edition newsletter. We are looking for three more companies who would be willing to share the costs of this special edition. Each sponsor will have one page for information or advertising. If you are interested, please call Lester Knutsen, at 703-256-0267.

Plans for 1995

We plan to have quarterly meetings and publish four newsletters this year. The first meeting was held in March at the Informix Office in Bethesda. The next meeting is in June. The meeting in September will review new products from Informix and the results of the Informix Worldwide User Group Conference. The fourth meeting will be Forum 95 in November.

Elections to the Board of Directors

At our June meeting we will be holding elections to the WAIUG Board of Directors. The Board is composed of volunteers who plan our activities and work hard at putting them together. If you are interested in volunteering to be on the Board, or would like to nominate a member, please contact the Secretary of the WAIUG, Rick Montgomery, at 703-756-7273.

User Group Membership

Our user group has grown to over 500 names on our mailing list this year. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization. Our objective is to share information, learn about new products, provide technical input, discuss problems, share solutions, and network with other Informix users. In order to cover our expenses and support continued growth our membership dues are $20.00. For membership information call our Membership Director, John Petruzzi, at 703-490-4598

New Address

My office has moved, so we have a new address for the Washington Area Informix User Group. The WAIUG and Advanced DataTools Corporation's new address is listed below. The phone numbers have not changed.



Press Release

4th Annual Conference To Be Held At San Jose Convention Center, July 17-20

MENLO PARK, Calif. (Jan. 31, 1995) -- Informix Software, Inc., (NASDAQ: IFMX) the leading provider of parallel processing database technology, today announced that 23-year old Marc Andreessen, vice president of technology and co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation and co-developer of the NCSA Mosaic* browser for the World Wide Web, will deliver the opening keynote address at the 1995 Informix Worldwide User Conference. Andreessen was honored in Microtimes as "Man of the Year" in 1994 and in Time Magazine's list of the 50 most promising Americans under age 40.

This year's conference and exhibition entitled "Maximize Your Performance" will be held July 17-20 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Andreessen will open the conference by discussing the World Wide Web and its ability to maximize business' performance by understanding and exploiting opportunities on the information highway. Informix recently launched its site on the World Wide Web which provides users with easy access to a variety of information on Informix products, services, partners and customers.

The conference will feature more than 80 conference sessions, tutorials, and other breakouts designed to help Informix's customers and partners effectively use Informix database technology to be more competitive. The conference will also feature a 75,000 square foot exhibition hall where over 100 Informix, customers, hardware and software partners, and VARs will showcase Informix-based solutions. Demonstrations of Informix's latest parallel database servers and tool products will be featured at the Informix booth during the exhibition.

New In 1995

The fourth annual conference will feature half-day industry-specific sessions given by Informix's Industry Marketing group and customers to highlight Informix's strategy and success in specific industries. A panel of industry leaders will discuss future issues facing specific industry segments.

End users will be able to meet with members of Informix's consulting organization to ask specific questions regarding Informix products or services.

A Multi-Media Center will feature information on Informix's products and services in a number of media forms: World Wide Web, CD Rom, interactive kiosks, video and print.

The conference will also feature a roundtable discussion on the latest trends in the database industry with leading industry analysts.

"Informix has taken an industry-leading position in the database market with its advanced technology and record-breaking customer benchmark results," said Phil White, chairman and CEO of Informix. "This year's focus is to show our customer and partners how they can maximize their performance into the next century, using the most powerful and best architected database technologies."

Conference Program

Attendees will be able to choose from six conference tracks: Industry Solutions; Tools and Environments; Applications; Servers and Connectivity; Business Management; and Advanced Technology. Conference sessions, led by Informix's top technical marketing and development personnel, as well as consultants and integrators, are designed to help attendees understand how to take advantage of Informix technology as they look ahead to their future computing needs.

More information about the conference is available by contacting (800) 926-EXPO in the U.S., (310) 459-4600 outside the U.S., or online at http://www.informix.com.

Informix Online 5.X TB Utilities Quick Reference Guide

(Produced by Lester Knutsen, Advanced DataTools Corporation)

Usage:  tbcheck [-clist] [-plist] [-qny]
                [ { database[:[owner.]table] | TBLSpace number | Chunk number}
                  { rowid | page number } ]
-c      - check
    r   - reserved pages
    e   - TBLSpace extents and chunk extents
    c   - database catalogs
    i   - table indexes
    I   - table indexes and rowids in index
    d   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps
    D   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps, remainder pages and blobs
-p      - print
    r   - reserved pages (-cr)
    e   - extents report (-ce)
    c   - catalog report (-cc)
    k   - keys in index (-ci)
    K   - keys and rowids in index (-cI)
    l   - leaf node keys only (-ci)
    L   - leaf node keys and rowids (-cI)
    d   - TBLSpace data rows (-cd)
    D   - TBLSpace data rows including bitmaps, remainder pages and blobs(-cD)
    t   - TBLSpace report
    T   - TBLSpace disk utilization report
    p   - dump page for the given [table and rowid | TBLSpace and page number]
    P   - dump page for the given chunk number and page number
    B   - BLOBSpace utilization for given table(s) [database:[owner.]]table
-q      - quiet mode - print only error messages
-n      - answer NO to all questions
-y      - answer YES to all questions

Usage:  tbinit [-i] [-p] [-s] [-y]
	-i	disk space initialization
	-p	do not delete temp tables during shared memory initialization
	-s	stay in quiescent mode
	-y	answer YES to all prompts

Usage: tbload [-l] [-m] [-t <tape device>] [-b <block size>] [-s <tape size>]
		[-d <dbspace>] <database>[:[<owner>.]<table>]
		[{-i <old index name> <new index name>}]

Usage:  tblog [-l] [-q] [-b] [-d <tape device>] [-n <log file number>]
	      [-u <user name>] [-t <tblspace number>] [-x <transaction number>]
	-l   display maximum information about each log record
	-q   do not display program header
	-b   display information about logged BLOB pages (-d option only)
	-d   read from tape device
	-n   display the specified log(s)
	-u   display the specified user(s)
	-t   display the specified tblspace(s)
	-x   display the specified transaction(s)

Usage: tbmirror  -a -d spacename -p pathname -o offset  -mp mirror-path -mo mirror-offset  
 	-r -d spacename 
 	-l -d spacename  
 	-m -d spacename -p pathname -o offset 

TBMODE Usage:  tbmode -csmkunrz
      -c         do checkpoint
      -s         shutdown to single user
      -m         go to multi-user on-line
      -k         shutdown completely
      -u         shutdown and kill all attached processes
      -n         set shared memory non-resident
      -r         set shared memory resident
      -z pid     kill specified process id
      -Z address heuristically complete specified transaction
      -l         force to next logical log
      -y         do not require confirmation

Usage:  tbparams  { -a -d dbspace | -d -l logid [-y] |
                    -p -s size [-d dbspace] [-y] }
    -a  - add a logical log
    -d  - drop a logical log
    -p  - change physical log size and location

 tbspaces  { -a spacename -p pathname -o offset -s size [-m path offset]  |
             -c {-d dbspace | -b blobspace -g pagesize}
                     -p pathname -o offset -s size [-m path offset] |
             -d spacename [-y] |
             -s spacename -p pathname -o offset {-O | -D} [-y] }
    -a - add a chunk to a dbspace or blobspace
    -c - create a dbspace or blobspace
    -d - drop a dbspace or blobspace
    -s - change the status of a chunk

Usage:  tbstat [-abcdklmpstuzBDFPRX] [-r seconds] [-o file] [infile]
    -a     print all info (options: bcdklmpstu)
    -b     print buffers
    -c     print configuration file
    -d     print dbspaces and chunks
    -k     print locks
    -l     print logging
    -m     print message log
    -p     print profile
    -s     print latches
    -t     print tblspaces
    -u     print users
    -z     zero profile counts
    -B     print all buffers
    -D     print dbspaces and detailed chunk stats
    -F     print page flushers
    -P     print profile, including BIGreads
    -R     print LRU queues
    -X     print entire list of sharers and waiters for buffers
    -r     repeat options every n seconds (default: 5)
    -o     put shared memory into specified file (default: tbstat.out)
    infile use infile to obtain shared memory information
     -C     print security session configuration.

Usage:  tbtape { [-s] | [-c] | [-a] | [-r] |
                  [-N database ...] [-U database ...] [-B database ...] }
     -s   Archive all dbspaces/BLOBSpaces.
     -c   Continuous backup of logical logs.
     -a   Automatic backup of logical logs.
     -r   Restore entire INFORMIX-OnLine/Secure sytem.
     -N   Set the following database(s) to no logging.
     -U   Set the following database(s) to unbuffered logging.
     -B   Set the following database(s) to buffered logging.
     - Turning on logging for a database must be combined with -s option.

Usage: tbunload [-l] [-t <tape device>] [-b <block size>] [-s <tape size>]

Lester B. Knutsen

Advanced DataTools Corporation

4216 Evergreen Lane, Suite 136

Annandale, VA 22003

Email: lester@access.digex.net

This Newsletter is published by the Washington Area Informix Users Group.

Lester Knutsen, President/Editor

Washington Area Informix Users Group

4216 Evergreen Lane, Suite 136, Annandale, VA 22003

Phone: 703-256-0267