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We specialize in making Informix database servers and applications go faster.

IBM Informix Database Server Performance Tune-Up

With six IBM Informix-certified DBAs on our staff, we specialize in making Informix database servers and Informix database applications go faster.

Every application environment is different–there is no one standard approach that can be taken to performance tuning. We have the depth of experience and knowledge to look at all aspects of your environment and increase the throughput of your database server.

We can examine:

  • CPU utilization of your database server
  • disk layout and throughput
  • memory usage and optimization, and the
  • network bandwidth and activity.

Services we offer include:

  • a one-week database throughput and server review
  • new server installation and configuration optimization
  • database migration and upgrade planning and assistance
  • regularly scheduled maintenance reviews and tuning
  • disaster recovery and contingency planning.

We have done many one-week tune-up engagements, and can also provide long term monitoring and support services to make your database consistently perform better, which will make your users happier.