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The foundation of a successful data warehouse is a working pilot - we can build one for your organization in just 8 weeks.


Complete Data Warehouse Solution

Advanced DataTools can provide you with a complete data warehouse solution using Informix Dynamic Server with the Warehouse Feature, Cognos Express for query, analysis, and reporting, running on an IBM System X Blade Server preconfigured for Informix. We provide the consulting, training, and support to make this all work.


Informix IDS 11 with Warehouse Feature (database server)

Informix Warehouse Feature is a suite of products that combines the strength of Informix Dynamic Server with a data warehousing infrastructure from IBM. The Informix Warehouse Feature includes everything you need to design, build, load, and transform your data into a data warehouse. You can use Informix Warehouse Feature to build a complete data warehousing solution that includes a highly scalable relational database, data access capabilities, and front-end analysis tools. The following products are provided in Informix Warehouse Feature:

  • Informix Warehouse Feature Server Administration Console
  • Informix Warehouse Feature Design Studio for Developers

Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express delivers the essential reporting, analysis, dashboard, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities. Tools include the following:

  • Cognos Express Reporter - Self-service reporting and ad hoc query
  • Cognos Express Advisor - Freeform analysis and visualization
  • Cognos Express Xcelerator - Microsoft Excel-based planning and business analysis


IBM System X Blade Server - Informix Cluster Configuration

The IBM System X Blade Server is available in four configurations, depending on amount of data and number of users.

  • SMALL Informix Cluster Configuration
    • 1.7 Terabytes Raw
    • 1 HS22 blade, 8 cores total, 2 Quadcore Intel Xeon E5530 (Nehalem) per blade
    • 12 GB memory
    • 12 SAS 15K disks, total storage capacity 1.7TB raw
  • MEDIUM Informix Cluster Configuration
    • 3.5 Terabytes Raw
    • 2 HS22 blades, 16 cores total, 2 Quadcore Intel Xeon E5530 (Nehalem) per blade
    • 24 GB memory total, 12 GB each blade
    • 24 SAS 15K disks, total storage capacity 3.5TB raw
  • LARGE Informix Cluster Configuration
    • 14.4 Terabytes Raw
    • 4 HS22 blades, 32 cores total, 2 Quadcore Intel Xeon E5530 (Nehalem) per blade
    • 96 GB memory total, 24 GB each blade
    • 48 SAS 15K disks, total storage capacity 14.4TB raw
  • EXTRA LARGE Informix Cluster Configuration
    • 28.8 Terabytes Raw
    • 8 HS22 blades, 64 cores total, 2 Quadcore Intel Xeon E5530 (Nehalem) per blade
    • 192 GB memory total, 24 GB each blade
    • 96 SAS 15K disks, total storage capacity 28.8TB raw


After years of working with large-scale databases, Advanced DataTools staff have a deep knowledge of the nature of data, database structures, and database security, and of how to store data in order to ensure rapid and flexible retrieval, manipulation, and reporting. We are performance tuning experts, whether it is optimizing the design of any database (planned or existing), or improving the throughput of your IBM Informix Database Server.

We combine this expertise with a constant eye on the computer industry to identify, test, and evaluate database tools and business-enhancing software, as well as hardware platforms and utilities in order to be able to consistently recommend the best suite of products to ensure the delivery of a high-performance solution.

In addition to delivering superior database and data warehouse applications, Advanced DataTools provides support for all aspects of an application's life cycle, from planning and development to performance tuning, maintenance, and training.

The key to a fast database using any database server software is the architecture and design of the schema and application workflow. We can provide guidance and support in the design of new applications from the ground up that are fast, and we can review and optimize your existing database schemas and make recommendations for changes that will improve performance.

We are pleased and honored that most of our consulting projects and training opportunities result from satisfied-customer referrals. We also take pride in how many database systems developed and tuned over the years are still in use as production systems.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your unique data warehouse needs:

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