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Make it very easy for your management and occasional data warehouse users to find, track, and sift through information.

Hyperion Dashboard Reporting Solutions

Is there still too much information in your data warehouse and your Hyperion Performance Suite (HPS, formally Brio Intelligence) documents for your target users to sift through? Do they have no time to learn how to use the power of HPS to find, analyze, and monitor the data they need?

We offer one- and two-week fixed-price consulting engagements, including software, to assist you with building HPS dashboards for senior management that will require them to receive only a quick introduction to the dashboard to become successful and active users.

We will guide you through the development of a dashboard template for your organization, and several dashboards that deliver the most important data in an interactive, compelling, and quick-to-read graphical format. Dashboard users will be able to change and compare data selections using point and click buttons.

The Dashboard Reporting Solution engagements include Hyperion's powerful and unique Dashboard Builder software for building dashboards. Using Dashboard Builder, JavaScript experience is not needed to build and maintain dashboards like the one above. This dashboard took only a few hours to construct, compared with days that would be required to program it in HPS using JavaScript.

Even more significantly, using Dashboard Builder dramatically reduces your maintenance load. Dashboards are built on a standard underlying (foundation) architecture. This means that when your database or data model changes, or when your organization upgrades to new versions of HPS, entire groups of HPS documents can be updated at the same time very quickly using the Dashboard Builder migration tool. Compare this with hand-coded HPS EIS/dashboard sections which require one-by-one conversion and testing.

If you would like more information on dashboard reporting solutions please contact us!