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We know Hyperion Performance Suite (Brio) “inside-out," and have experience designing HPS environments that support thousands of users.

Hyperion Performance Suite (Brio) Installation Planning, Configuration, & Tuning

Advanced DataTools is a Hyperion Performance Suite (HPS) Consulting, Training, VAR, and Migration Partner, with 8 certified trainers and 4 Performance Suite 8 migration specialists on staff. We know HPS inside-out, and have experience designing HPS environments that support thousands of users.

Services we can provide include:

  1. HPS Server Installation and Configuration
  2. HPS Enterprise Deployment Architecture Planning
  3. HPS Query Performance Tuning
  4. HPS Performance Suite 8 Migration Support

1. HPS Server Installation and Configuration

We can assist your staff with installing and configuring your new HPS server, or performance tune your existing server. A one-week quick-start or tune-up engagement will get your HPS server running fast and efficiently to provide reports and data to users. This includes installing and configuring, or analyzing the performance of, the various server components, and optimizing the HPS Repository.

2. HPS Enterprise Deployment Architecture Planning

Are you developing a plan for your HPS environment, or find that your current HPS environment is not performing as anticipated?

We will look at the big picture, from the server configurations and administration, to the target user environment–how will your users access the HPS reports and use the data presented?

In order to make recommendations on your architecture, we will look at and consider…

  • network throughput and architecture
  • the type of client computers on users desks (speed and memory)
  • the size and configuration of the server hardware
  • report deployment strategies using the web, LAN, email, and printing
  • the HPS repository configuration, and
  • disaster recovery and contingency planning.

Our objectives are to design

1. A deployment architecture for getting HPS reports and data to users in the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way possible,

and for new HPS customers,

2. An implementation plan to enable users to quickly become proficient in using the HPS tools.

3. HPS Query Performance Tuning

Do your HPS reports or queries take too long to load or to process?

We can review your data model and your mission-critical HPS documents and provide recommendations for database changes, query optimization, and streamlining of bqy documents that will make them load and process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. HPS 8 Migration Support

Advanced DataTools has four certified migration specialists on staff that participated in intensive Performance Suite 8 training, and was one of the first partners to become HPS (Brio) 8 Migration Certified.

We can assist your organization to plan, prepare for, and navigate the HPS 8 migration process and ensure a smooth transition. We have provided support to many organizations applying major system upgrades, and can bring a long, successful history of experience to your team.